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Kidmin Conference 2012_Creating Your Volunteer Culture

At the Group Kidmin Conference, Sam Luce and I have had the privilege of leading a “Deeper Learning Track” at the Kidmin Conference 2012 called Leading Volunteers Well.

You can see Sam Luce’s notes on Inside Your Volunteers Mind & The Anatomy of a Team at his blog,  Here are my notes on Creating Your Volunteer Culture.…


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VeggieTales the League of Incredible Vegetables Give-Away is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, October 1, 2012, is the day I'll be drawing the name of one winner from each of my blogs, (grandma's cookie jar and About the Children's Department) and this winner will receive one DVD of the new VeggieTales movie, the League of Incredible Vegetables . . . my grandson Josiah's FAVORITE movie! You will find my review of this movie at the following …


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Kidmin 2012 Discipline Workshop Notes

What a great day at Kidmin.  I had the great privilege of working with lots of awesome children’s ministers today to walk through tough topics regarding discipline.  Here are my not-so-pretty, real notes from that discipline workshop.  Here is…


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How Do I "Shift" My Church's "Resource Base" to "Change the World"?

Yesterday I posted a video clip of George Barna asking an important question - "Do you need to shift your "resource base" from "maintenance" to "changing the world in ways you've never seen in your lifetime"? So . . . how can we tell if we need to shift our resources in our church, what does it mean to shift our resource base and how might we do this? Consider the…


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How to break out of a creative rut.

I really enjoyed this info-graphic that I saw over on Copyblogger and thought you may enjoy it as well.

Plus I think it is a great one to use after a week-long fast that I have done from blogging and several other things. Enjoy.

How to Break Out of a Creative Rut

Like this…


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"Maintenance" or "Change the World"? Which Will You Choose? (re-run)

I saw a very interesting video by George Barna. It is only one minute and four seconds long, but in those 64 seconds he asks a very important question - one every church needs to answer! Watch it and answer it for your church -


see more at

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HELP WANTED – Director of Children’s Ministry – Tallahassee, Florida

Killearn United Methodist Church (KUMC) in Tallahassee, FL seeks a dynamic, transformational educator and leader, with a passion for the Lord, and a love of children and families, to join us as our Director for Children’s Ministry.  The incumbent is responsible for the curriculum development and administration of a comprehensive children’s ministry unit including Sunday morning worship (average weekly attendance of 215 children), weekday preschool program, elementary…


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Getting and Keeping Volunteers

KidMin Tips: Getting and Keeping Volunteers

If you ask a director of Christian education—paid or volunteer—what the hardest part of his or her job is, chances are you’ll hear the answer “Recruiting!” Keeping the numerous and varied positions of a well-run Children’s Ministry staffed is a challenge—but one that offers many rewards! After all, what other job in the Christian…


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What NOT to do When You Are Desperate for Volunteers

I know.  You need more volunteers.  So do I.  And we always will.  Building a volunteer team is a never-ending process.  Especially if you are growing.

Do things ever to the point where you are desperate for volunteers?  You wonder if you'll be able to open all the classrooms when the weekend rolls around?  You're not alone....we've all been there.

When you are desperate the natural bent is to resort to desperate measures.  But when you take desperate measures,…


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Top Ten Board Games for Families recently released a list of the top 10 board games for kids.  Board games are a great way for families to spend time together.  What other board games do you recommend for families?…

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How to Get Families to Move to a Different Service Hour

Many times churches that have multiple services will find their prime service hour getting crowded as they grow.

Normally the service that starts around 10:30 or 11:00 am fills up first.  This is when you get the most guests.

Once this service fills up, growth will stop unless you can move families to a less crowded service.

How do you accomplish this?  Here's some keys.

Tell families…


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The Berenstain Bears - God Made the Seasons - I'm Giving One Away!

As the seasons change outside, it is a wonderful time to talk with children about the amazing world God created - and the different seasons He designed for us to enjoy! This new Berenstain Bears book from Zonderkidz is a fun way to get the conversation going!


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Can Manners Help Us Be Real in How We Interact With Children, Volunteers and Parents?

Plus, in just four days Maralee's book, Manners That Matter for Moms: The Essential Book of Life Skills for Your Kids releases! This is a book all moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas and volunteers and teachers . . . and anyone who works with children will not only read, but will make one…


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Any reccomendations for a christian illusionist in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

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FAQs: How Do You Plan a Child Dedication Service?

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One of the questions that I get asked a lot is, “How do you plan a child dedication?”  The most recent to ask it was Pastor Daniel Davis at Covenant Community Church in Pearland, TX.  Well, our plans aren’t…


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3 Dumb Things That Non-Leaders Do

Leadership is much too important for us to making dumb decisions. Those who have been given a position of leadership should give careful thought to how they lead and the signals they are giving off to the people on their teams. Leaders should try to learn from the mistakes of others and try their best not to…


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Why Do We Do Child Dedication Services?

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He established a testimony in Jacob

and appointed a law in Israel,

which he commanded the fathers

to teach to their children,

so the next generation would know them,

even the children not yet…


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Audio - 5 Ways to Sink Your Ministry Without Even Trying!

We have plenty of experts telling us how to make our Children's Ministry awesome, but what if you want to totally sink it?

No problem! It's easier than you think!

Here's are five simple techniques you can use to sink your ministry without even trying. Just follow these handy tips, and you can tank your ministry faster than you can say Davy Jones' locker!

Of course, if you want your ministry to thrive, you can just reverse this advice to ensure smooth sailing for… Continue

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Who/What Influences Kids and How Does This Change Your Ministry?

I'd like to share another George Barna video with you today - in this one he is talking about seven major influences in our life. Take a moment to watch it . . . 


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Shock and the Child of Divorce

Welcome back to our series on dealing with the emotional impacts of divorce on children. Thus far, we have looked at:


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