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The Heart Of Jesus

The sole Mission of B. Hudson Ministry is to motivate, inspire and enable parents to teach their children about Jesus while they are in their informative years. Studies show that, the younger a person is when they learn about Christ; the more likely they are to receive Him as their personal Savior.

Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven” Matthew 19:14 King James Version

B. Hudson Ministry has… Continue

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Good info for church leaders...

Please add me as your… Continue

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Graphic Artist Needed

Are you a graphic artist with experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign looking for something to do?

We have all kinds of projects needing to been done here at Ricardo Miller Children's Ministry, but have a difficult time finding qualified people in our area that are born again.

We have work you can do from where ever you live. We'd really like to find those who might be willing to volunteer their time with the potential of it turning into a paid position at some… Continue

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2009 Children's Ministry Symposium


An incredible Children's Ministry gatherings will hit the DFW area. The 2009 Children's Ministry Symposium will be held Friday November 13 - Saturday November 14, 2009. The Children's Ministry Symposium will feature some of the most renowned Children's Ministry Leaders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Taking place at Pathway of Life Church 8510 Military Pkwy, Dallas, Texas, this symposium will ignite a fire and a passion in your… Continue

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Communicating Vision Builds Momentum

Every chance you get to announce the 'good stuff' in your kids ministry you have the potential

to increase your forward progress. Sunday morning adult services have opportunities to market your ministry. There is no reason you should have to live on an island every service. Your group of children have more energy than any other group in the church so make it work for you! Here are seven ways to increase your church presence:

+ Vids before church (main… Continue

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10 Ways To Build A Children's Ministry Team

Have Qualifications: No matter how tempted you are to recruit any warm body you can find, don’t lower your standards. Let people know that only people who meet certain qualifications can be on your team. It takes longer to do it this way, but the workers you recruit will be long term team members who will add to your effectiveness in ministry. Here’s a link to help you recruit workers.

Have Clear Expectations: When you recruit a member to your team, let him know what… Continue

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Jubilee Gang Update for No Fear Night 2009

Dear Friends and Partners:

We had an awesome turn out for NO Fear Night 2009. The building was packed to capacity. Every seat in the house was filled, plus a bunch of kids on the floor down front and people standing everywhere possible including the hallway outside the auditorium.

We saw around 40 people come forward to be born again and many others raised their hands but did not come forward. Because of the size of the crowd it was nearly impossible for people to get out… Continue

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No Fear Night featuring The Jubilee Gang Oct. 24th 2009

On Oct. 31st the world celebrates fear & death!

on Oct. 24th we are celebrating...


Word of Faith Family Church

3660 Springfield-Jamestown Rd. (South Limestone St.)

Springfield, OH 45502

Free Admission!

Everyone Welcome!

Jerry Moyer

The Jubilee Gang

Website… Continue

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Check out the Newest VBS for 2010!

The most unreached people in the world lie in the 10/40 window, an area of the world stretching from Africa to the Far East. Well, this coming summer, you and your children can help these people hear the Gospel of Jesus by taking an adventure of a lifetime and joining "The 10/40 Expedition: Quest for the Lost Window." This missions-minded curriculum is set up as a five day VBS, but versatile enough to be used as a Backyard Bible Club, missions emphasis, etc.

Learn more about the… Continue

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Jubilee Gang update : 58 children born again in KY and GA this week!

Dear friends and Partners:

We just got back from our events in Willisburg, KY and Cumming, GA. We had an awesome time at these 2 churches.

During these 2 events we saw 58 children born again.

On Oct 24th we will be ministering at Word of faith family church in Springfield, OH at an event called NO FEAR NIGHT. More info is below.

On Oct. 31st we will be ministering at a place for life in San Antonio, TX.

Below are some pictures from…

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A Prayer for the Suffering Children


Ever-watching Father:

we pray for the suffering children whom we do not see.

We know that your eyes see their tears,

that your heart knows their sorrow,

that your hands can reach them now.

We remember that Jesus was once a child,

that poverty stole his bread,

that tyrants sought his…


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Struggling With Humility? Work with Children

I have come to believe that people who work with children likely have the healthiest attitude in the body of Christ. If they don’t, they haven’t worked with kids very long. I have discovered that the longer I work with them and the more I think I know about what works or what is effective, the less I know.

I remember telling parent sponsors and team members that “churchy” sounding music won’t work in Kids for Christ. Then I was a guest speaker at another school across town in their… Continue

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Starting a Drama/Performance Team

There are many kinds of drama and performance teams you can start for your children’s ministry. These teams allow children the opportunity to minister in front of a congregation and are great to give children the opportunity to do outreach. Here are some steps if you would like to start a team.

Decide what children will be on the team. Are you going to have every child in the church participate or only those that are interested? Will you have auditions? Also determine the ages of… Continue

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14 Preconditions of Leadership

These preconditions are not something that I conjured up on my own, but were actually written 2,000 years ago. This list is a great tool to evaluate if you or someone else should be considered for leadership within the Church.

1. Be well thought of.

2. Committed to his wife.

3. Cool and collected.

4. Accessible.

5. Hospitable.

6. Know what he’s talking about.

7. Not over found of wine.

8. Not pushy.

9. Not thin-skinned.

10. He must not be… Continue

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Press Release For Immediate Release

Mark Miller's Munchkin Programs announces national expansion for his Parent and Me Sports Programs with the help of Pizza Hut!

Over the past 14 years, Mark Miller's Munchkin Programs has become a leader in our community by promoting family togetherness through hands-on interaction. Miller's Soccer Programs enable children from the ages of 3 to 8 to participate in sport programs with their parents/guardians at churches, community centers, camps, and public/private facilities across… Continue

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Why Ministry???

Why Ministry?

Why are we in ministry?

Why set a goal to be in full time ministry?

I have a cousin that was a full time youth minister. Everyday at lunch he would go to the YMCA and play basketball with the youth from the church and community. One day one of his sons came to him and said, “Dad, I want to grow up and be a minister like you.” This made my cousin feel good that his son wanted to follow in his foot steps. As my cousin pursued this a little by… Continue

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Spiritual Burnout In Children's Ministry

Spiritual burnout is a reality for children’s pastors. Children’s pastors are on the front lines fighting for a generation of children. The pressure is enormous. Demonic spirits fight us. The ministry we pour out drains us. Nobody has a clue as to what we do, and we feel like we’re all alone. The average children’s pastor lasts in the average church 1.5 years. How can we avoid burnout?

We can learn from a prophet in the Bible who was also on the front lines - Elijah. James 5:17 NKJV… Continue

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Light the Night 2009

I have posted about an event idea that we picked up from a church in Pennsylvania several years ago called Light the Night. It is an evangelical event held in a neighborhood home on October 31, or whenever the local municipality announces the hours of Trick or Treat. Please read my other posts for specific details.

This year, Lynn and I are at a church with a large facility, although the actual size of the congregation has suffered after the death of the church founder 10 years ago.… Continue

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