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DVD Giveaway

On Saturday, November 6th, I am giving away (1) copy of Clyde & Ian's Wonder Blimp of Knowledge DVD on CommanderBill.net.

For details click Here...

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CMConnect Road Trip KidzBlitz Event Tonight!





Well, I’m a fan for sure now! Seeing Roger interact with the different churches, kids, and families has been a real blessing.

Tonight, we are doing an event in Chesapeake, Virginia. A huge crowd has gathered outside for the “Trunk or Treat” event and their is massve excitement in the air.

This is going to be an awesome…


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Nite Lite - Kids' Bedtime Radio - 10/31/10 - "The Robber's Cave, Pt 11" & The Pond "Junkfood Tummy"

Tonight in "The Robber's Cave" Rafael tells Horace how he became a Christian as a galley slave. And on The Pond, Floyd gets Junkfood Tummy. Then we're digging into Romans 6 to talk about ketchup and grace.

Click on the link below and then go to tonight's show.


"Nite Lite" is a free online radio show designed to help kids wind down the

day and get ready for bed. It's a combination of pajamas and… Continue

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Reformation Day Party Plan

This weekend is not only Halloween, but it is also the 503rd anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Here is a lesson we’ve put together for this weekend’s Bible classes that highlights the themes of the Reformation–that only Jesus saves us from sin, and we learn about Jesus only in the Bible.

Lesson Highlights:

  • Only Jesus can save us from Satan, sin, and death.
  • We have the Bible to tell us that Jesus is our only Savior.
  • The Reformers…

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Halloween Puppet Skit

Characters: Sam, the scarecrow and a Leader

A puppet skit about fear and the God who can overcome it.…


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CMConnect Road Trip hits the beach!?






Well not really… we did drive under and over the Chesapeake Bay and we “saw” the beach… too busy to stop and enjoy it. Yeah, I know… poor me,…


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CMConnect Road Trip from DE to MA to VA to … fish truck?


We’re rolling down the east coast on the road trip formerly known as the “KidzBlitz Road Trip.”

We are driving through the Chesepeake Bay area… just passed a field of cotton and saw a truck full of fish.

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Organizational Structure

When I started in my position as Fellowship Kids Pastor, the team I inherited was like most CM teams. The team was organized by area. We had an Elementary Director and a Preschool Director. For the size of our ministry and team I made a change right off the bat that seemed kind of weird but worked for us.

I re-organized by function instead of area. What I saw was a duplication of efforts and parts of the ministry that were in a sense in competition with each other. Both areas…


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Wayne’s Weekly Twitter Digest – 2010-10-24 to 2010-10-30

  • Make sure to go to Kidmin1124.com & sign up for the free newsletter tonight. Tell your friends – issue #9 comes out tomorrow! #kidmin 20:02:57, 2010-10-30
  • Great time watching Jacob's soccer tournament today. They won…

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CMConnect Road Trip seeks hotel in Delaware


Ok… we’re ready to call it a day but can’t find a place to stay.

Please pray. :)

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Ways to talk about the Gospel with Kids

During a recent CM Connect live chat we were sharing ways we talk about the gospel with kids. One of the ways my team talks about the gospel with kids is to break apart John 3:16 since this is a verse most kids are familiar with.

First we talk through what God has done for us (giving His only son) and why (because He loves us so much). Then we share how the verse says that whoever believes in him. At this point I talk about how words often change their meanings over time. I…


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CMConnect Road Trip wraps up in Pa and heads to VA


Well, we officially rocked the house out in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania… now, a 6 hour drive to our next show in Virginia.

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ … having too much fun!

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Is my child ready to ask Jesus to be Lord of their life?

Is my child ready to ask Jesus to be Lord of their life?

Use the following 5 questions to help you determine if your child is ready to ask Jesus to be the Lord of their life. Remember, there is no magic to the questions. The main goal is to determine if your child recognizes that their own sin separates them from God and that Jesus’ death on the cross makes them right with God. You will also find some things to say if your child doesn’t seem to be grasping these… Continue

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Lo-Depth Bible Studies: David

From bluefish.tv, this video uses children’s toys to tell the story of David and Goliath. Never mind those in-depth Bible studies you usually participate in, this is Lo-Depth Bible Study.

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The Road Trip formerly known as “The KidzBlitz Road Trip”

I have hijacked the KidzBlitz road trip and it is now called the CMConnect Road Trip.

I haven’t told Roger yet… I’m hoping he won’t find out so he’ll keep paying for everything. Ha.

This morning we are getting breakfast at “Friendlies” in Easton, PA. If you are in the area, please join us!

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Question Time

“Who do you say that I am? is the ultimate question required of every generation and every generation must answer it for itself.” (Frank Viola, Leonard Stewart - Jesus Manifesto)

The way in which we will be remembered and the legacy that we leave behind will ultimately be determined by our answer to this question. Our perception of Jesus will determine the life that we live and the impact we make.…


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10 Commandment Trivia

So, this last week I had a Sunday School time class for the "kids" of

the church. I had about 16 in one little bitty room. But we had fun.

Ages 4 through 18 all in one room doesn't work very well for a typical

lesson so it was a game day. Not an "active" game as each kid only had

enough room to sit... really.

So, we played "10 Commandment Trivia". I had cards numbered 1-10 with

the commandments on the backside. The kids took turns drawing a card (2

sets of… Continue

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Random Thought #4.75 "More Continuation..."

Sorry about my last post (Which I deleted)

I re-read it again and realized that I definitely wrote it late at night when that morning I only had 2 hours sleep!
Therefore I made the crucial mistake of posting while my "filter" was down.

Usually I'd like to think I'm good at keeping the emotional posts at bay (Typically anger-induced ones) but sometimes they get through the filter when it's…

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KidzBlitz Road Trip in Maryland and “Ask Roger?”

We just crossed from West Virginia to Maryland… some beautiful country. We’ll end up in Easton, PA.

If you’re in the area and want to connect, email me: Michael@CMConnect.org

Ask Roger…
I’m interviewing Roger while we’re on the road. If you have any questions you want answered… Roger knows everything. Post your question here and I’ll ask him and respond.

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