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Kids Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2012 and What KidMin Can Learn from it

Here are the top selling kid's costumes for 2012.  There is so much children's ministry can learn from this list.

Sit down with your team and discuss these questions to discover key insights.

  • Why do kids love these characters/themes?
  • How did the designers make these characters/themes appealing to kids? 
  • What emotional needs of kids do these characters/themes meet?
  • What Bible characters/themes would…

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What Does a Thankful Life Look Like?

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away . . . so of course, we all tend to think and talk about being thankful. Thankfulness; however; should be more than something we just think and talk about. What does a thankful life look like? We want the children in our ministries to live what they learn, so when it comes to being thankful, we want them to understand what a truly thankful life looks like when it is lived in their every day lives. Consider the following . .…


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Name Them One By One

In a world of bad, media filled with yuck and even today disaster on our east coast, it is easy for me to dwell on all that is wrong.

Then I read John…

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.

(John 1:16)

One blessing after another.  That’s a lot.  And that’s our reality.

what are your one…


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Effective Fall Festival Follow-up

Whew....you breathe a sigh of relief.  The Fall Festival is over!  That was a lot of work.  It took many hours of planning, organizing, recruiting, and advertising to pull it off.  Now you're ready to relax.

Hang on.  Before you close the books on the event...don't miss one of the most important elements.  Follow-up.

You probably had lots of new families on your church property for the event.  The big question..."How do I get them to come back for…


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Don't Let the Big Event Become Your Kryptonite

As Kryptonite was to Superman, so the large event is to the Pastor.

And, cue the craziness. Let the week of unending responsibilities ensue. I am near the finish line. I think I can. I think I can.

Ever feel like that on weeks like this? Weeks when your Halloween or other large event threatens to suck the very life out of you?! On weeks like this our families become frequent guests at drive through windows all across town, our offices smell like Willy Wonka's chocolate…


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Evaluation - How do you do it?

What questions do you ask as a team before you commit to an event? What are the essential elements that would cause you to say “Yes” to investing the time and money in a particular event? Do you look for a ROI – Return on Investment? How do you determine if the event was successful? What…


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The Preschooler’s Bible (a review)

Last week I was able to spend about an hour on the phone with V. Gilbert Beers, author of the Toddler’s Bible and now, The Preschooler’s Bible.

A week earlier, I received a copy of the…


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My Month of Special Christmas Give-Aways is About to Begin!

For almost two years I've been posting at least once every day on About the Children's Department - thank you everyone who takes the time to read my blog! My VBS 2013 reviews will begin posting beginning on January 1, 2013, I have some new things planned for my Curriculum reviews in April and lots of content planned for the entire year, but in addition to writing this blog, I also write another blog -grandma's cookie jar. I'm a…


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Lost or Found in Translation

Across the world and throughout churches everywhere, we know there are literally dozens of versions of the bible. Be it from the NIV to ESV, KJV to AKJV and from the Message to NLT as well as The Word on the Street, used by some youth and children groups. The list could go on and could appear to be…


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Sending Reminders to Volunteers


Fact #1:  Volunteers are usually responsible, mature grown ups who should remember when they have committed to something.

Fact #2:  We (not they!) forget.  A lot.

I write this as the children’s minister who for years has growled when grown ups forgot to do what they said they’d do or forgot a commitment they signed up for.



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Christmas Family Event (free resource)

Christmas is a great time to impact families.  Two years ago we produced a Christmas experience for families called "Who's This All About?"  It was a Whoville theme.  The response was tremendous and it was standing room only. …

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Monday Morning Prophecy #92 – The Messiah Would Thirst Prior To His Death



The Old Testament prophesies that the Messiah would thirst prior to His death.

Old Testament Prophecy

My strength is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth; you lay me in the dust of death [Psalm 22:15 NIV]

They put gall in my…


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The Preschooler's Bible - I'm Giving One Away!

Reading God's Word to children from their earliest days is a wonderful way to help them grow up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord! There are many wonderful Bible story books available for children; one of them is the Preschooler's Bible by V. Gilbert Beers.


see more ataboutthechildrensdepartment.com

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Not a Fan of Church

In the last Pew Research survey nearly 34% of 20somethings raised their hands and said, “I am not a fan” of church. Basically when asked if they affiliated with a church, they checked the box marked “none.”

A few days ago, Ed Stetzer entered the fray and wrote an article entitled:…


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Issues: Clean Up, Disruptiveness, Excluding Others, Friend Drama

This is the continuation of a series where we are sharing tips and tricks for dealing with common kidmin discipline issues.  Many of these answers were compiled by a roomful of people who work and serve in the trenches.  You can see the other two posts here and…


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6 Steps to Successful Change: Choosing Your Goal

Change is always about going to a new place. In business it may mean choosing a new process or product. In marriage it may be a new level of trust.

We are on a journey together ( see last post) to discover the 6 steps necessary to make successful change. In this video I introduce step one.

Having a goal is not enough. You must have clarity about…


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Speak Life

This is a cool video from Toby Macs new album.  Thought I would share it :) )) Enjoy!



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Halloween Resources

Does your church plan any type of outreach on Halloween? I personally am not a fan of Halloween, but from a ministry perspective, I can see where it provides an opportunity to reach out to the community . . . particularly if you are a church in a town or city. 


see more at aboutthechildrensdepartment.com

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We Must Be Narrow-Minded About This

The Postmodern culture in which we live disdains absolute truth.  The Biblical claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven is met with cries of "intolerant" and "bigotry." 

The children you are ministering to are being bombarded with this influence.  There is an underlying pressure to compromise the truth of God's Word and be "politically correct."

If you are feeling this pressure...take courage.  Stay true to God's Word. 

Acts 4:12…


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Faith is the Key To.....

I like to say “Start today by believing in the One who believes in you.” It can act as an encouragement call or a little bit of motivation just to get ourselves in gear and face the day ahead.

But how do we get this through to our children? This is something that has been on my heart and is really the one thing…


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