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Potential time wasters in my children’s ministry

unproductive 300x258 Potential time wasters in my childrens ministry

I love what I get to do every day as a children’s pastor. I often even feel that I need to pinch myself because of the great honor of what I get to do. With this privilege and honor comes great responsibility as well. Because of this great responsibility I need to always check my…


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Revisiting the “Elephants in the Room.”

Elephant in the Room A couple of years ago, when I had first started at INCM, I wrote a post about “Elephants in the Room.” It is still the most popular blog post I’ve ever written and it has come up in more conversations than anything else I’ve…


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Join With Me to Pray on November 14th

As adults, we may not stop and think about how news reports may be heard and interpreted by children. We may not stop and think of how children may be frightened by the words we say about how our elected officials failed to work together to solve problems and the "dire" consequences which we may experience when they do not. It is likely many children heard these reports and conversations and may be feeling stress and even fear at what this means for them and their…


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Want to Be a Better Coach for Your Volunteers? (Use This Method)


As a Children's Ministry Leader you are a coach.  Your job is to…


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Successful budgeting for children’s ministry

MoneySurf 300x217 Successful budgeting for childrens ministry

I am sure at the time of this writing many of you are going through what i am going through, the budget process. Even if you are not going through it at the time of reading this I would recommend sending this to your Evernote web…


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What are the 2 most difficult days out of the entire year for the child of divorce?

Want to try and guess what they are? Christmas? Thanksgiving? Valentines Day? Halloween? Birthday? Did you pick any of the above?
These are all good guesses and for many children some of these days are difficult. But the 2 days that cause havoc with the child of divorce and also for children in any transitional times in their lives are ………. …

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The Real Treasure, the Real "Good Stuff", the Real Important Things!

The truth is the real treasure, the real "good stuff", the really important thing is knowing, loving and walking with God. Everything else will leave us empty. Everything else is an illusion. Chasing after other things looking for the "good stuff", will consume our time and lead to us forgetting God.…


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Managing Gary’s Tools

I’ve been discontent with our kitchen table for some time. In a future post I’ll share more details about how I came to build our kitchen table (not Ikea-like build, raw lumber-like build). As I set out on this task shortly before the start of summer, a good friend stepped in to ask some key questions. Many of my answers were insufficient. He would then correct my answer and ask if I had a tool for…


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Are You a Children's Ministry Control Freak? (4 Simple Steps to Let Go)


Are you a control freak in…


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Did you Know You Are Like a Glow Worm?


I am eight years old. Night is falling. And I am walking with my dad as I often do. He holds my hand and makes up stories as I walk beside him along the country lane. We see a harvest moon overhead and he recites poetry as our feet step through little puddles and splash the light. This is…


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Old Enough to Defend


You’ve probably heard that a majority of kids leave the church when they graduate from high school. Some say that the number is as high as 80%.

I don’t know how accurate that stat is, but it sounds about right. Whether it’s 80% or 8%, we should be alarmed that any kids leave the church after being nurtured by it for so long. Are the parents responsible? Is it the church’s job to ensure that the love for the church is so deep that they are compelled to continue…


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Happy Birthday Henrietta Mears!

Henrietta Mears Wednesday, October 23rd would have been the 123rd Birthday of Henrietta Mears.  In commemoration of Miss Mears’ impact and contribution to ministry, I thought it was only appropriate to share a passage of scripture that she often cited.

In Joshua 1: 2,3 God says to Joshua:

“Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, you…


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The Five Core Ingredients of a Life-Changing Children’s Ministry

SonRise Parent Newsletters

Children’s Ministry has the potential to change everything because it introduces children to Jesus. But Children’s Ministry itself also must always be changing to meet the changing needs of each generation. That is uncomfortable for some of us, because it means that the way we’ve always done things might not always work. It also means…


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Reconsider Your Sunday School’s Potential

Excerpted from Sunday School Changes Everything

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the way we used to do things.As anyone in ministry knows, every church has plenty of people who remind us of how it “has always been done.” Instead, I spend most of my time thinking about where we are going and how we are going to get there. Things…


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Christmas Gift Hunt Bible Verse Memorization Activity

Click HERE for…


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Pay Attention; Don't Get Distracted & Do the Hard Work

If we are raising generations of children who end up forgetting God, then everything we did to be sure our ministries were places where children wanted to be and where they learned God's Word, in the end, didn't really matter. 

Children need to do more than just want to be at our children's ministries because they are fun places to be; although they should be fun places for children to be. Children need to do more than just learn Bible…


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Pumpkin Take-Away Bible Verse Memorization Activity

Click HERE for…


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Turkey-Feather Pull Bible Verse Memorization Activity

BIBLE VERSE:  "Give thanks to Him and praise His name" (Psalm 100:4b)

MATERIALS NEEDED:  Poster board, construction paper, markers, scissors, envelope, masking tape.


1.  Draw a large turkey on the poster…


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Hanging out with Dr. Dale Bruner

Damon DeLillo, Dr. Dale & Kathy Bruner To the right is a picture of me with Dr. Dale Bruner and his wife Kathy.  Among the many people at the 123rd Birthday Celebration of Dr. Henrietta Mears last …Dr. Henrietta Mears in Furs


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10 Common Mistakes Children's Ministry Leaders Make


Mistakes are opportunities to learn.  But it's…


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