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Share the Joy of Children's Ministry - a Simple and Pure View of God!

Recruiting can be a never-ending job at times, but one way we might find more people to serve in our children's ministries is by sharing the joy which comes from serving in children's ministries! For the next few days, I'll share some of joy I experience by serving in the children's ministry at my church; today it is the joy of being able to see all over again a simple and pure view of God!

What do I mean by this? When we serve in…


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Children's Ministry Matters Because We Need God!

Do you remember a few years back when the nightly news asked, "Since chimps show compassion to one another is morality in our genes? If it is, why do we need religion?" It seems there has been a lot of attention given by the media to "knowledgeable" people who say we no longer need religion or God. As a parent, grandparent and someone who serves in children's ministry I find this disturbing.
I have noticed there is a strong move in education and the media towards eastern…

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More things kids of divorce do well

After the last post about “Ten things kids of divorce do well,” people responded with more things these kids do well and I’ve been asked to update the lists of things these kids do well.

Please understand these lists do not apply to all children of divorce. And not all things on the lists apply to every child. God creates all of us differently, even kids of divorce.

Have you ever heard, “children become self-fulfilled…


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Commit to be Someone Who Does What They Say They Will Do

For the past few days I've been writing about how to help children in our ministries. Today I want to talk about something we can, and must, do to to help adults in our ministries; absolutely be people who keep our word. Yes, this may sound like a, "no-brainer", as we all agree we need to keep our word and not be people who lie, but it can be very easy to fall into the trap of not keeping our word. We must be on guard and watching to be sure we keep our word when it comes to working…


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Investing in Volunteers

leadership launch

Each year we have opportunities to invest in our team of Volunteers. The beginning of each church year is always exciting because there are always new vision, goals, and excitement around the beginning of the year. We started this year with a Leadership Launch where we had the opportunity to feed our volunteers on each campus and hear a special word from our Pastor. It’s great for our…


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Cat’s in the Cradle

Tomorrow my oldest son turns 12.

It’s not really considered a milestone Birthday, but it is special to him because it is the only one he will have. It’s special to me because it marks the last year before he is officially a teenager.

I’m freaking out a little bit about that. Not as much as my wife, but a little. It’s not like it will be a big deal when we have a teenager, daily life will slowly morph and the new normal will be upon us, most likely with little fanfare. The part…


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How do older adults divorcing affect children’s ministry?

A couple of years ago we began to hear about a relatively new occurrence—the gray divorce. The gray divorce is when mature and/or senior adults divorce. There are said to be several reasons for this phenomenon. You can read about them here.

With the older adults divorcing, several things are going to affect churches and in particular children’s ministries.

A children’s minister emailed me awhile back about an issue she was facing for the…


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God Breathed the Scriptures (at Home for October 26th)

sojournkids at home This week’s SojournKids Bible lesson was “God Breathed the Scriptures” (2 Timothy 3:14-17).  Use the questions below to review it with your kids. You can also review the weekly North Star Catechism (on the attachment).…


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How Do I Help a Child Who . . . Has Parents Getting a Divorce?

Few things can be as difficult, confusing and painful for a child than to have their family fall apart because their parents are getting a divorce. While children may respond outwardly in different ways; some children cry, some act out and others say it doesn't matter and laugh it off, you can be sure they are all hurting.

So where can you turn to find information to help you know how to help children whose parents are getting a…


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Ebola...What to Know...What to Do

Ebola now ranks in the top 10 concerns of Americans.  1 in 5 people say they worry about getting the virus.

Among those…


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10 Children's Ministries You Should Visit and Learn From

One of the best ways to get ideas for your children's…


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An Inside Look at Our Children's Ministry Staff Meetings

Strategic planning is an important part of children's ministry.  Whether you have a paid or volunteer team, it's…


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Overcoming Grace: Grace Makes Us New (Kids in Community for October 26th)


Download the free Ephesians series devotional here!

Applying God’s Word with your Kids in your Community Group

Read 1 John 2:15

  • What kinds of things does God want us to do? Obey our parents, love our brothers…

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How Do I Help a Child Who . . . Won't Settle Down in Class?

Let me start this post by saying any child can have a bad day - just as any adult can. If a child stayed up too late Saturday night, or wasn't able to sleep well, or is not feeling well, or didn't get the cereal they wanted for breakfast, or couldn't find his/her shoes and had his/her parents unhappy with them, or for any reason they just are not their normal self, it can show in the way they behave . . . or misbehave in class. When I talk about a child who won't settle down in class, I'm…

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How do I help grandparents deal with their child’s divorce?

“In our church we are having more and more grandparents coming to us wanting to visit about their adult child’s divorce. They seem to be mainly concerned about how to help their grandchildren. I’m pretty much clueless about what to say or how to help these senior adults.”

There are a lot of issues a grandparent faces with the divorce of an adult child. Understanding some of these issues will make it easier for church leaders to help the grandparents in their…


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How Do I Help a Child Who . . . Does NOT Want to Be Here?

Children's Ministry is a place where there are children. This is pretty much a "no-brainer", but because there are children in our children's ministries, while most of the time most of the children participate without any trouble, there are times when we will have to give focused care to specific children. So, for the next week, let's look at specific times when specific children will need focused care . . . starting with the child who does NOT want to…


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It's Christmas; a Christmas Family Experience - I'm Giving One Away!

While your thoughts may be turning towards the many blessings God has lavished on you (and He does lavish many, many blessings, big and small on us all the time) and you may be starting to plan your Thanksgiving dinner with your family and/or friends, Christmas is really just two months from today. If you are looking for a resource which you can use in your ministry to help families celebrate on Christmas Eve; take a look at this Family Christmas Experience from NextGen4Christ . . .…


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A big problem for our future – 40% of children lack secure attachment

Many infants who live in a stressed single-parent home face attachment issues. The single parent, which could be a mom or a dad, might be in a state of shock and barely surviving. They take the child to childcare, work a full day, pick up the child, and stumble home. Hoping the childcare is giving adequate care, they may feed the child and put them to bed as they struggle to keep up with life.

Parents in crisis can barely function sometimes, let alone connect emotionally. It’s not…


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Shake It Off

You know you’ve heard it on the radio.  It’s stuck in your head and you can’t get it out.   Maybe you even secretly dance to it when no one is watching.  I’m talking about Taylor Swift’s new song Shake It Off.  This song has become our morning jam on the ride to school every day this week.  I’ve learned that we can play it three times in the drive from ourhouse to the girls’ school.  I know I’m dancing in the front seat and I look back and both my girls are rockin’ out in the back.…


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5 Misperceptions About Children of Divorce and Their Families

In order to minister to children of divorce, we have to understand them. Unfortunately, many people who minister to these children and teenagers hold some common misperceptions about children of divorce and their families. They might not realize the extent to which these children are hurting.

The following are five misperceptions people have shared with me about children of divorce and their families:

  1. “These kids are acting up to get attention.”


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