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Dispatch Box #3 - 7 Family Ministry Essentials


Yes, INCM's Dispatch boxes provide great resources which you can put to use in your children's ministry, but it also provides resources to help you keep your children's ministry on-track. This is why in Box #3 you'll find 7 Family Ministry Essentials, because when it comes to Children's…


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3 Best Christian YouTube Channels for Kids & Families

YouTube is full of content, with something to fit each person and situation.  We use Youtube to find DIY projects, school help, comedic relief, advice, and the latest in news and pop culture, but one think you might not have looked for though…

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Dispatch a great tool for ministry

Dispatch Nov 2015

Allow me to share with you a fantastic tool that comes from INCM called Dispatch.

Dispatch is a curated selection of some of the latest ideas and products for children’s ministry leaders. It comes packed to the rim of the box and makes you feel like it is Christmas all year round.

Here are just a few of the items that came in this last box:



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Dispatch Box #3 - International Children's Bible & Instant Bible Lessons for Toddlers


So far I've shared with you the Dispatch Vol. 3 Mini-Magazine, the Step Into My Shoes resource from Compassion and The Gospel Truth About Children's Ministry . . . three excellent resources, which in and of themselves make the Dispatch Box #3 totally worth…


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Stop "Burnout" - "Adopt" Your Volunteers


We've been talking about burnout the last couple days; yesterday I said, "Life brings its challenges and difficulties to all of us . . . volunteers included. When they experience these challenges and difficulties, they may feel serving overloads…


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5 Things More Important Than Ministry

Going on 15 years… I have been doing the ministry thing now for almost 15 years. It has been quite a journey.

I have experienced great joy. I have walked with people as they prepare to get married, I have been a part of a church that grew almost 2000 people in one week, I have traveled the world and seen God do amazing things through the people that follow him.

I have experienced great sorrow. I have sat with a mother who found her son in his bed,…


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Navigating Change

Names and places have been changed to protect those involved…but this is a true story.

Tim was a Children’s Ministry lifer. He was creative, energetic, and full of passion. He was so excited when he got hired at First Christian Church to be their new Children’s Pastor. The church was thriving and growing at an amazing rate. The previous Children’s Pastor had done a great job building a team and a strong program but had been called to a different church to take on a new…


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Developing a Culture of Fun

It’s not all about fun…but it certainly starts with it.

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

-Dale Carnegie

I recently received a really cool email. It went something like this:

 Dear Pastor,

I was a visitor at your church this last week. I wanted to say that my family had a great time. We were hesitant to come to church at first. We are new to the area and at our last church we got…


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Stop Burnout - Provide Support


As we continue to look at burnout, yesterday I said, "When we are understaffed, the volunteers we have are in a situation where they may feel tired, worn out and decide they are burned out." If we want to avoid burnout, we need to be sure we are…


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Why We Must Capture Kids' Attention If We Want to Reach Them

If you want to reach kids, you must capture their attention.

Studies show that what we pay attention to and focus on actually wires our neurons.

What captures kids' attention…

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Dispatch Box #3 - The Gospel Truth About Children's Ministry


This past summer I was invited to review The Gospel Truth About Children’s Ministry, which is based on research conducted by AWANA in 2013 & 2014 to “take the pulse” of the children’s ministry community. They wanted to, "fully understand the wants, needs, and expectations of…


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Songs on the Parables of Jesus

"Come on Home" has songs about the parables of Jesus -- Lost Sheep, Prodigal Son, Good Samaritan, Lost Con, Talents, Persistent Neighbor, The Yeast, Rich Fool, The Wedding, Barren Fig Tree, Two Houses, Sower and Seed, Unmerciful Servant.



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Dispatch Box #3 - Step Into My Shoes from Compassion

Yesterday I gave an overview of the new INCM Dispatch Box #3, so today I will begin my, "closer look" at the goodies in this box by sharing with you my favorite item from Box #3. As I have come to expect, there is no shortage of excellent items/resources in the newest Dispatch Box, but my personal favorite item, the item which left me thinking, "This is so cool! I love this!" is the "Step Into My Shoes" resource from Compassion which is designed to help families, "See the world through God's…


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Stop Burnout - Don't Understaff


As we continue to think about burnout, yesterday I said, "When a volunteer says they are quitting because they are, "burned out", it is an opportunity for us to identify a need and find a solution! I'll talk more about this…


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10 Reasons a Leader Stops Growing

What causes a leader to stop growing?  In this infograph, we share 10 reasons.  Are any of these currently hindering you…


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Word of God: The Solid Rock

The Solid Rock
Matthew 7:24, Deuteronomy 32:4…

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Free Printable Puzzle Psalm 119:11

Click HERE for free…


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October 31st - An Opportunity to Share the Love of Jesus!

Okay, I recently wrote about the "dilemma of Halloween" and I absolutely do believe we need to have conversations with our grandchildren/children about who Jesus is and why the focus on evil and gore at Halloween is not something we want to be part of. But, having said this, I do believe Halloween does offer us an unique opportunity to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors and all the children who knock on our doors on October 31st.

While I will NOT decorate with spiders, gore,…


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Dispatch Box #3 Is Here!


Yes! The new Dispatch Box arrived in my mail yesterday and I will be sharing with you, over the coming days, about some of the "goodies" I found in it. There are a couple things in it I'm especially happy to let you know about as I think they are truly excellent!

But today I just want to share with…


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