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Youth Leaders vs. Youth Helpers

Leadership is an art form that requires focused instruction as well as opportunity to put newly learned skills into play. If you want youth leaders in your ministry, instead of youth helpers, it starts with prioritizing when and how you are going to instruct and develop those under your care. Click… Continue

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Christmas Family Experience

The Christmas Family Experience is a shared event for kids and parents. Check out more details and the promo video at

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they had me at Jesus....

Click here to read my latest blog post about a new KidMin conference where Jesus is the real celebrity!

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Family Christmas Ideas

Every year we try to give our families ideas of things to do during the holiday season to either create or continue traditions. Below are just a few ideas as well as places to visit with your family in North Texas.



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Nite Lite (kids' bedtime radio) - "The Boy of Mt. Rhigi, Pt 14" & Tunes on Tuesday

It's Tunes on Tuesday! Pots and Pans from Sandra Boynton, Wild Man Bill with Jack Pearson, and then in "The Boy of Mt.Rhigi," Clapham misses a chance to get out of jail.

Click on the link below and then go to tonight's show.

"Nite Lite" is a free online radio show designed to help kids wind down the

day and get ready for bed. It's a combination of pajamas and the… Continue

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Christmastime is almost here! Get half off "Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas Ministry Combo"!

At Yancy Ministries, we’re still celebrating the release of "Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams" and we’re ready to throw Christmas into the mix! To celebrate both, we are giving you the Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas Ministry Combo for just $15 when you order the new Stars Guitars & Megaphone Dreams Ministry Combo! You might… Continue

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Awesome Children's Ministry resources

Check out this awesome Website for Children's Ministry resources. If you use the discount code "JUBILEE" on their store site you will receive 50% off the total cost of every downloadable resource in your shopping cart.

Click on the Link below to visit the


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Staying Motivated: Keeping a Win File

I struggle a lot myself with staying motivated consistently. I love my job but sometimes find myself in a rut where I am not as productive as I want to be. One thing I found as a huge motivator to me is from my WIN file. A WIN file is simply a place that you can keep things that will inspire you and motivate you. I keep this file in my desk at my office. When I am down, or feel like nothing I am doing is working, I take a look at the WIN…


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Guest Blog Post Over At Lifeway Kids

Had the privilege of doing a guest blog post at Lifeway kids. They have a great blog with a great group of writer. They were kind enough to allow me to do a guest post for them. I wrote my post about the the 8 tech tools that should be on every kids pastor’s wish list for Santa this year.…


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Family Ministry Structure – Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 1 in the series The Architecture of Family Ministry

Yesterday I posted about the process of crafting the Family Ministry vision statement for Faith Promise Church. You can read about that…


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So, Where Do You Stand?

So, where do you stand? Usually when you hear that question, it is referring to being on one side or the other of a certain point of view. Today, I want you to realize that you have a UNIQUE POSITION in which you are spiritually standing in your call of ministry. The first few verses of Deuteronomy chapter five clearly illustrate this for you. As Moses speaks to all of Israel, he reminds them that he…


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Ministry Process - Life Process

One of the most important aspects of learning about ministry is that of

process. Ministry process has to have proper focus and direction. It

needs to start with Jesus flow through Him and end with Him. Often

times I have thought about what that looks like not only in ministry but

in life in general. Does my whole life have a process? Is it a

process of a life lived for Jesus? Or is it a process of a life lived

for Doug? Is it me centered of Jesus centered?… Continue

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On the Importance of Kids Actually Reading the Bible

BibleTV I was reading an interesting article from Mike Johnson on the Future of Kidmin yesterday as part of the wonderful series in which a variety of leaders in the field are answering the question, “What is the future of kidmin?” In the article, Mike explores the idea that, more and more, kids will use video as…


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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It’s the hap-happiest season of all

With those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings

When friends come to call

It’s the hap- happiest season of all

“The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” used to be just another Christmas song that you would begin hearing this time of year as the holiday rush heats up and we head into December. In the last few years, a company has also started to…


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I was in a no-win situation on Sunday and was totally defeated. It's been difficult to get past it. Last night I read a devotion from "Mad Church Desease". It said I must first hurt. The second part encouraged me to focus on my best qualities. I thought about that. At least for me, I tend to stay in the hurt, until time lessens the pain, only to repeat it again. I have determined today to strengthen what I'm good at and not pay much attention to what I'm not good at.

What is it that…


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Reward, Bribes and Children's Ministry


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Sign Up for the Newsletter

At we are dedicated to providing information and resources to volunteers and those who lead them. Written by a team comprised totally of volunteer and bi-vocational children's ministers, Kidmin1124 offers a unique view of the children's ministry landscape.

One of the resources we started several months ago for our readers is a free weekly e-mail newsletter. Published every Sunday afternoon, the newsletter recaps the article…

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Internet Security Stats for Parents

32% of targeted youth report harassment three or more times within a year.
25% of targets report aggressive offline contact (phone calls, sending gifts)
66% of youth report the harassment - 34% do not.

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Nite Lite (Kids' Bedtime Radio) - "The Boy of Mt. Rhigi, Pt. 13" & Supernatural Fingerprints

Tonight in "The Boy of Mt.Rhigi," Clapham's imposter father is torn up with guilt about sending Clapham to jail. Since we're getting close to Christmas, in Supernatural Fingerprints we're going to explore a lumpy popular Christmas animal. After that we're headed to 1 Samuel to see what the cows do with the golden rats and the ark.

Click on the link below and then go to tonight's show.…


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Club Hero Elementary Curriculum Review

Here's a review of Club Hero curriculum written by Mark Harper ministries.

We started using Club Hero when it was first released in January of this year (2010). I had previously used "Super Church" years ago at my last church. I liked Super Church but it need some updating in my opinion.

Here's Club Hero as I see it:

1) "Spirit-filled". I won't apologize for being who I am and what I believe. I believe kids are just as capable to understand these principles as was… Continue

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