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Family Pick - Zonderkidz "Read with Me Bible" and "Read with Me Bible for toddlers"!

Since one of our goals for children's ministry should be to help our children develop a true love for God's Word, it is a great idea to expose our children to excellent Bibles - beginning when they are young children. I love the "…


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Selecting the Best "Fit" For VBS 2011

We have been talking all week about the features to look for in a VBS so now we are ready to look at specific…

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Digitalis (Discarded Heroes, Book 2) I'm half way through Digitalis and all I can say is "wow".  The action is fast paced. The adventure is moving and the suspense has kept me turning pages.  Marine sniper Colton "Cowboy" Neeley suffers from flashbacks and is in a life struggle.  Colton is part of a secret team that is sent on missions of rescue.  Piper Blum is a woman with a secret herself.  Colton and Piper's path meet.  Romance and…


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Top 10 in 2010–Best Articles from The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol

2011 New Year Each month here on Dad in the Middle, I publish a monthly compilation of the best of the best in children’s ministry blog articles from the preceding month.  It is known as the The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol, and it seemed appropriate to pick my ten favorite articles/series from those compilations for the prior year.  One caveat, I tried not to pick more than one article/series from each author,…


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2010 Year in Review | Loose Ends

This year has seen the most traffic in the 5 years I’ve had this blog. I’ve continued to meet new people, and have started more and more conversations with like-minded people every week. In fact, that last sentence could be the entire vision behind this blog. Thanks for everyone that has commented and taken time to read.…


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We All Need a Wayne in Our Lives

Every year people make resolutions that they will never keep. Every day, someone plans to do something they will never complete.  And why is that? Because they don’t have a Wayne in their life.

If you have read Wayne’s bio, then you know that he is an accountant. He goes to his clients and they have to give him an accounting of what they…


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I’m sure that many of you have dreams and aspirations for the coming year and even further into the future, things that you want to accomplish both personally and spiritually.  What you expect from yourself this year and beyond… Continue

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Last Sunday: The Nativity

Over the past two week in SojournKids, we’ve studied Luke 1:26-38 and Luke 2:4-20.  On December 19th, we learned about how Jesus’ birth was foretold.  We learned that:

  • God chose the young virgin, Mary, to be Jesusʼ mother.
  • Mary humbly obeyed God and praised Him.
  • Jesus is the Son of God.

Then, on December 26th, we studied Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem.  We learned that:

  • Jesus was…

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2010 Year in Review | Guest Posts

Here are some blog posts you might have missed, because they didn’t appear in their original form here on the blogs. They have all been written for others, and honestly it’s one of my favorite things to do. I love sharing with other readers on other sites. It’s another great way to meet new people!

These posts were all…


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Top ten favorite links I found this year.

A kids pastor I know in Austin Texas is a huge fan of my random crazy links so Corey this post is for you.

Live TV Streaming on the net –

Personal Digital assistant.…


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Beeeeee Prepared!!

I watched the movie Hoodwinked with my family last night. It just plain made me smile! My wife asked me afterwards which character was my favorite and I said the Billy Goat. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud watching his song because it reminded me so much of my life as a Kids Pastor.

Unexpected things happen ALL the time in ministry, especially when there are kids involved. You…


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January Calendar for Determination (252Basics users)

Looking for way to help kids set a Determination goal to finish what they've started?

Here is a calendar I created for our Grade School kids to set month-long Determination goals for January. 




I'm having the kids write their goals in the…


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Music, Crafts and an Opportunity to See, Touch and Experience 2011 VBS Before You Buy It!

After you've narrowed down your VBS options to just two or three kits by determining your goal, finding materials that intentionally engage the children in the teaching of the Bible lesson and provides opportunities to live what they learn, considered the scope and sequence, theme and setting it is time to look at two components that have the potential to last beyond the five days of VBS . . . the music and crafts!

When you consider the music look for songs that reinforce the theme… Continue

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Three Keys to Surviving The Attacks of our Enemy the Devil!

The devil wants to take you down this year. See three keys to fending off his attacks in this coming year at

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Top 10 in 2010 – My Favorite Posts

2011 New Year_thumb[2] Yesterday, inspired by Sam Luce (as I always am), I started a series of posts with my yearly top ten lists.  Yesterday, we tackled the most popular posts of 2010.  Today, I want to look at some of my favorites.

  1. This Sunday [05/30/2010]…

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Good books have great crisis.  Every miracle has to have a crisis.  People love to see miracles but don't want the difficult situations. 

What difficult situation do you see in your life or in the lives of people around you?

Duplicitous speech will lead to a crisis of behavior.

Word of the Day…


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Along the Way



As I begin this new adventure in children's ministry, I am so excited to lead the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade girls in KidzPlayce at The Gathering. These Thursday posts are part of my journey…


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"Put Feet to Their Faith" With a Service Project through causelife!

Our "Put Feet to Their Faith" ministry focus this month is World Help's causelife. Take a moment to check…

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Resolutions Part 3: Goals

When most people talk about their New Years Resolutions, they are really just talking about goals that they have for the upcoming year.  One might say they want to lose 20 pounds, or write a book.  Goals are a great thing to have in life.  They paint a picture of where you want to be.  I want to encourage you to…


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