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What You Can Learn From the Most Engaging Children's Show Ever

Blue's Clues is a children's television show which aired on Nickelodeon from September 8,1996 until 2006.  The main character was an animated dog named “Blue” and the show's host who was a man named Steve.  It has been called “one of the most successful, critically acclaimed, and ground breaking children's television series of all time.”  

Malcom Gladwell,…

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How Did I Determine Which VBS Is My Top Pick for 2012?

I reviewed sixteen VBS kits this year and am very happy to say I found all of them to be Biblically sound resources with well developed themes and engaging settings! Regardless of which kits you select to utilize in your ministry, you can be confident of finding quality resources and you will be happy with your selections. I want to give you an idea of how I made my selections for this year's Top Ten VBS resources. I'm not a VBS publisher and I'm not a bookstore; I'm a children's ministry…


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Building a Sturdy Foundation

Written by Greg Ferguson

2012 is about to be a reality and with the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions. I know a lot of people cringe when they hear that because sometimes the meaning of a resolution gets lost. In a few months those resolutions become easily forgotten and we even begin to make jokes about what we haven’t accomplished. Recently I have been thinking about this year a lot and considering how I can improve our children’s ministry for 2012 and…


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4 Gifts That Parents Receive From A Special Needs Ministry

Scripture reminds us that we were never meant to live in a state of isolation. We were created to be relational beings. None of us were meant to live alone, away from meaningful connection. Spend one minute looking at Genesis 2:18 and the words “not good” ring out.

God Created Us With A Hunger For…


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Top Ten Fun Ways to Encourage Volunteers

Volunteers are the life-blood of every Ministry!  We are all constantly in need of more volunteers if we are growing.  One of the best ways to have a contented and growing volunteer team is to be intentional about continually encouraging our volunteer team.  Here’s a list of my Top Ten Fun Ways to Encourage Volunteers:



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Letting go of unproductive habits part 3

Thinking more is better

More is not always better. In fact, in many cases quality beats the quantity.

One way I would look at quality over quantity is moving from being the jack of all trades and the master of none. In this wonderful world of today with all the…


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Top Picks for VBS 2012 . . .

There are just three days until my VBS 2012 reviews begin . . . starting on January 2nd I'll review one VBS in my 2012 Top Ten Countdown each weekday, announcing my Top Pick on January 13th! I'm reviewing the 15 VBS resources listed below this year (listed in alphabetical order)

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Child Discipleship: Teaching Children To Look Forward

“Ponder the path of your feet

Then all your ways will be sure.”

Proverbs 4:26


Children who are taught to look out into the future, to plan, are more apt to succeed in life than those who are not taught this…


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Second Chance Give-away - Brittany Hargest, Love All the Way!

I recently reviewed Brittany Hargest's new CD, Love All the Way  (you'll find my review at this link) and…


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Any churches in the Raleigh/Durham area need some cribs for their nursery - let me know. Got a few free, great shape. We just moved to a different style.

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Tween Trends for 2012

This generation, called Preteens or Tweens is growing up fast and faces unique challenges unheard of in prior generations. It’s important that we understand them—so we can reach them before they need to be rescued. Here are some trends to help us understand them.

Tween Trend #1: …


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Letting go of unproductive habits part 2

Lets start today from our series on Letting go of unproductive habits, (you can get part 1 here) with one that I have found to be a biggie with many…


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So . . . What Is "Fluff" in VBS Curriculum . . . and What Is NOT?

Before my reviews begin, I do want to talk about "fluff" in VBS. Each year there are some publishers who like to say their VBS resources bring the Bible back to VBS, but when I review the resources I find the Bible in all of them. So, today I thought I'd take a moment to consider what "fluff" is . . . and what it is not.

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Star or Cross

A few years ago my husband and I were driving home one winter night when we spotted a beautiful, bright star, hanging low in the dark evening sky. It made us think of the star that the wise men saw all those years ago. But as we kept our eyes on that star and drew closer to it, we realized that this was not a star at all. It was a cross, lit from behind, hanging on the wall of a church.…


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Letting go of unproductive habits part 1

Our everyday life can be full of unproductive habits and rituals that we execute – whether on a conscious or unconscious level. This makes us less efficient and productive than we could potentially be.

I want to begin to list some unproductive habits that I have helped some…


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Speaker & Artist Bios

General Sessions

Beth Guckenberger

Beth Guckenberger and her husband, Todd, serve as executive directors of Back2Back Ministries-a leader in the field of orphan care and child development. Beth and her husband have 9 children and reside in Monterrey, Mexico. Beth is the author of Relentless Hope-Extracting the Precious from the Worthless, her newest book by Standard Publishing. She speaks regularly…


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Top Ten Time Management Tips for 2012

With 2012 quickly approaching plans for the New Year are on everyone’s mind.  One of the things that leaders must constantly be striving for is improvement.  One of the quickest ways to improve productivity is to manage our time well.  Whatever our circumstances – budget – staff – number of families – we all have the same 24 hours in a day. How we manage those 24 hours is going to go a long way in determining our …


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Serving Traumatized Children

The young couple came into the home excited to share their gifts with the boys. The foster parents called the boys into the living room to meet Dawn and Greg; one look at this young couple and the boys went wild running out of the room.

I immediately had a thought and leaned over to Ellen, the foster mom, and asked, “How did you first meet the boys? Was it just like this in the last foster home?” The light went on in Ellen’s eyes and…


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Homemade Sensory Toys for Special Needs Kidmin Environments

Kelly Sapp,  Director of the Champions Special Needs Ministry for Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, CA shares her ideas on The Inclusive Church Blog for a couple of homemade sensory toys and activities to use in the church setting. The sensory jars are great tools to keep on hand for kids to play with at various times during their church experience.  Perhaps…


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Music, Crafts and an Opportunity to See, Touch and Experience 2012 VBS Before You Buy It!

After you've narrowed down your Vacation Bible School options to just two or three kits by determining your goal, finding materials which intentionally engage children in the teaching of the Bible lesson and provides opportunities to live what they learn, considered the scope and sequence, theme and setting it is time to look at two components which have the potential to last beyond the five days of VBS . . . the music and crafts!

see more at …


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