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Searching for a Student Pastor

So, I’m four months into a search for a Student Pastor. I’m well connected within Kidmin circles, but not so much among the student pastors out there. I’ve had some resumes from some great candidates, some that I’m still talking with. However, I do feel that we’re looking for a pretty unique individual and it is possible that the search could continue for a few months. So,…


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Checklists aren’t for idiots

About two months ago, I watched an episode of the Colbert Report on Hulu, probably the 3rd time I’ve watched the show. Near the end of the show, he interviewed an author (who was also a surgeon) about a book he’d written about checklists. I was intrigued, but quickly forgot about the book. About 3 months ago, my friend Sam Luce told me about the very same book,…


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Doing ministry alone

I just had lunch with the Austin Kidmin Network. A year ago this group didn’t exist. Currently the group is up to 50 people, represented by about 15 churches. We’ve got a long way to go to connect other churches in our city, but some amazing relationships are developing. Yesterday I spend a few hours with one Children’s Pastor talking about doing some radical things together so we can…


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Preparing for what is most important

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with the rapture or end time’s theology. :)

Two days ago my sweet wife sent me this text.

“We are only 62 days from due date. Aaack!”

What she meant by that is “We’ve only got 62 days to get a bunch of things done!!!!”

I quickly responded with…


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Top of the list again

Yesterday, Tony over at Ministry To Children released his top blogs of 2011 post. He spent who knows how many hours pouring over numbers, stats and data to determine a rank for the top 100 kidmin blogs. He’s been doing this for years, but last year was the first year he used a subjective method to consider all the data.



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Big Announcement: Illuminate is coming to Nashville

With two Illuminate Conferences under my belt, one thing is sure… Illuminate is like no other conference. At both Austin (2010) and Birmingham (2011) I heard the same thing over and over.





That’s what kidmin volunteers from Texas, Alabama and Georgia all had to say about their Illuminate experience.…


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Big Illuminate Announcement

I’m excited about something that is in the works with the Illuminate Conference! It has the potential to make a lot of people very excited. So, what is the big news?

I can’t say. Not yet at least.

I’m not going to make you wait too long though. I’ll make the big announcement on Thursday (10/15), at 10:00 AM CST!



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Pray for Rain

You’ve probably seen this on the news, but Central Texas has been experiencing wildfires that are devastating homes and communities. I honestly don’t remember the last time I’ve seen rain. It’s been several months for sure and it was nothing more than a flash in the pan. Also, with temperatures over 100 degrees since late May, this area has literally become a…


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Web Security

I’m no expert on internet security, but I thought I’d share a few thoughts about security as a resource to the readers here at CMO. The truth is that most people have lousy security for their online accounts and having something more secure can actually be pretty easy. I was prompted to write this recently as I decided that it was time to change up most of my passwords.…


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Desktop Accountability

A few years ago I started a monthly post where I published what my desktop looked like. Mostly, it was about creatively changing things up to keep the juices flowing. I’ve fallen out of that habit with a desktop that changes more on a quarterly basis. To make things worse, my desktop always tends to get very cluttered.

So, I’m submitting to you my September desktop. I…


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Hacked again!

On Saturday, my good friend Matt McKee helped me with a Q & A session with Jim Wideman during the first general session. We took questions via text messaging that came through my Google Voice account which is a part of my Goolge/Gmail account. Because my computer was being used elsewhere, I logged into my Google Voice account on Matt McKee’s computer.



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Why Illuminate was a Success

On Saturday we knocked out our first Illuminate of the 2011-12 year. It was a huge hit! Not only was it super successful, I learned so many things about hosting a conference, especially in a city where you don’t live. One of the biggest things I learned is that starting a conference in distant location is a lot harder than you would think. The Austin event came together incredibly well with seemingly little effort, but the Birmingham event required a lot more work to get the word out. Like I…


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Ready to join the community? It’s just like family, except you don’t have to bring the pumpkin pie on thanksgiving. Actually, it’s not that big of a commitment at all. By entering your email below, you’re simply signing up to get a bimonthly newsletter from CMO. That’s it… unless you want to bring the pumpkin pie on thanksgiving.

Oh, and…


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Illuminate HashTag

Some people have credited me for creating the #kidmin twitter hashtag. I don’t claim sole credit, but I was involved. However, I am announcing a hashtag that I am claiming responsibility for (actually, that’s not the total truth as I did as Matt McKee for his opinion). Ha!

So, the official hashtag for Illuminate is #illumin8.

Those tweeting from the event…


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Plotting for the Birmingham Illuminate

Check out this recent post from my new friend Dustin Nickerson from Washington state. For several weeks, he and I talked about him being the officially back-up to the back-up in case any of my speakers got sick. I didn’t realized how seriously he was taking this semi-important (not really) assignment.…


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My Pirate Face is Gone!

Sorry I’ve not provided an update in two weeks. Things have been really busy for me, probably the reason I got Bell’s Palsy to begin with. However, two weekends ago I had some cousins come in for a visit. Although I didn’t completely take the extended weekend off, I did almost nothing for 4 days. I watched a lot of movies, swam and did a 3 hour float down…


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Donkey Designs: T-Shirts, Design, Banners and more…

I have to introduce you to my new designer. His name is Don-E. Yeah, that’s a strange way to spell a name, but if that’s how he want’s to do it, that’s fine by me. He operates a design company called Donkey Designs and over the past several weeks, I’ve been keeping him really busy.

Here’s why you would want to use Donkey Design.

  1. He’s fast.…

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Add Spotify to your Ministry tool chest

About a month ago, Spotify became available here in the US and invitations for use were going out here and there. I think I’d gotten one, but by the time I sat down to try it, I couldn’t find it. I bit the bullet and paid $9.99 to sign up for the monthly subscription. After just five minutes I have this advice for you.

Sign up for Spotify.

Sam Luce wrote a great article about his…


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Pirate Face… Day 7

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for my pirate face. It really is an honor to have people all around the US praying, many of whom I’ve never met in person. You guys are amazing!

So, I figured I’d give regular updates on this little “disorder” I have at the moment.

Well, my…


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Systems, Processes and the great F1 outage of 2011

So, if you use Fellowship One, you know that there were significant issues with Check In today. Even if you don’t use F1, you might have seen the traffic on twitter about the issues. I know that for some churches, the slow-down was crippling. Most of the morning, I was watching the twitter stream and saw all kinds of tweets. Most were encouraging, some were certainly frustrated. I…


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