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Headed to Serve in Belize!

Dear friends,
I’m Eden Chanley. I’m 11 years old. I’m in the 6th grade and I am going to Belize with my dad’s ministry, CMConnect. I…

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4.2 Children per Second

In the time it takes you to count ten seconds, the world’s population of new people will increase by about 42 souls. That’s because, every second, somewhere on this planet, it is estimated 4.2 children are born. Can you visualize what it would look like if they were all in one place? Let’s just do the numbers: 252 per minute, 15,120 per hour, 362,880 per day and, in the course of about 3 ½ weeks, the population of New York City has been brought to life.…


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What's Next?

Yesterday, we celebrated eight years since our ministry launched. Our focus has always been on serving leaders in children's ministry. We believe training leaders in local churches is the best way to reach children. One estimate, based on our members' self-reporting, shows our network has reached over thirty-one million children! Through the years, our team has been blessed to participate, or partially fund, trainings in Lebanon, Egypt, Ukraine, Mexico, Hong Kong, Uganda, Rwanda,…


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Do you listen to podcasts?

One of the most exciting new things we’ve been able to put together this year is our new podcast. It’s a collaborative project featuring me, Brad Tate, Lori Bethran and Trevor Adams. We start the show by discussing current topics or news. Then, we feature an interview with a leader in children’s ministry. Finally, we wrap up the show with a question and answer time. During the question and answer segment, we address topics which have come up in conversation…


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FREE Registration to the Children's Ministry Conference! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Before Jesus sent out his twelve disciples in Matthew 10, he said to them, "Freely you have received, freely give." Well, I like to think this principal of generosity was not just for the twelve he sent out. I believe it is also for all of us who follow Him. I'm excited because we have received freely; so, we get an opportunity to give freely!

Last week we sent out an email to let everyone know our early rates had been extended until…

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Ebola... let's do something about it!


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Ebola in Liberia - An Opportunity to Serve

In doing research on the Ebola Crises, I found the article (attached below) to be very interesting. It is lengthy. Here is a key quote I was drawn too:

"The pagans tended only to take care of those in their group. While pagans would only help their brothers, Christians treated all men as their brothers. And the pagans took notice. The wicked emperor Julian, who despised all Christians and led the charge to…


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Introducing KidCheck's New Mobile App for Check-In

Recently, I was able to learn more about one of our ongoing community sponsors, KidCheck. They have a great new resource to make children's ministry check-in convenient and simple using mobile technology. This featured-blog is the result of the conversation which arose from their sponsorship of our upcoming CMConnect Global trip to Australia... so, huge shout out and thank you to our friends at KidCheck!

The following blog is three questions they answered about their new…


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PRESS RELEASE: Yancy's New Album: Yancy y Amigos Pequeña Fiesta de Alabanza

Yancy Enlists Jaci Velasquez and Salvador’s Nic Gonzales for Upcoming Spanish Language Praise Album for Kids 


(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) -- Yancy has long been Christian music’s reigning Queen of Diversity, but with the upcoming release of…


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Encourage One Another

Here are four verses, in NIV, challenging us to "encourage one another." I included links which will take you to www.biblegateway.com. Just in case you want to do additional study or look at other references.

2 Corinthians 13:11

[ …


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Who's leading at CMConnect


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Recent Updates to CMConnect.org... and more coming!

You may have noticed some new updates to CMConnect over the last few weeks. We've been working to make our community easier to navigate and serve your ministry. Here are some things we are doing which are new:

  • We have an option now to receive email about our…

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Love is for Sale - 3 ways to test your heart

Do you ever think about what businesses mean when they say "We LOVE our customers?" 

I was watching a documentary about a very successful business last week. It was a huge global brand and, in a matter of minutes, they went from talking about how they love their customers to how they love their…


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What’s next for our family…



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Chat Archive - Topic: EASTER (2 of 2)

Continued from here...

  • Me

    One of the things I used to do at Easter was use it as the weekend I would announce our VBS theme. Then, we would have an opportunity to let as many people know in the community as possible and it made a natural "invite them back"…


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Chat Archive - Topic: EASTER (1 of 2)

  • Wayne Stocks

    Ok, I'm ready to talk about bunnies and chicks! :)

  • Sarah Bundy

    Hi Wayne, how are you today?

  • Wayne Stocks

    I'm good Sarah. How are you?…


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Why we moved CPC to new locations…

We had a couple of people ask us about why we had chosen to move north from San Diego to Ontario, California for CPC West. Additionally, we had some questions at CPC East about why we selected Chattanooga, TN for our East event in 2015.
I thought I’d take a second to highlight some of the benefits of our two new venues and the thought process behind our choices. At the end of the day, every decision we make is meant to serve the…

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Save over $4,000 on resources for your children’s ministry!

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 1.39.32 PM

We’ve been working on some new projects at INCM to help serve the local church. One of the challenges facing much of our network is a reduced budget for their children’s ministry. We want to help by identifying some opportunities to save on much needed resources.

This year, working with our…

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Update from our friends in the Philippines

I posted a prayer request last week… here is an update from our friends in the Philippines:
From Bong:


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