10 things your volunteer training needs

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Training your volunteers is one of the keys to retaining your volunteers.

  1. A handbook-  Not only does this look snazzy and have all the information your leaders will need in one place, but it makes an easy outline for you so you don’t forget to go over anything.
  2. A Covenant- This is what is expected of volunteers.  Ours talks about expectations of building their relationship with God and others as well as how to connect in the ministry
  3. The Church Vision- No matter how many times this is talked about in your church, always repeat it.  Vision leaks.  And you want to make sure they understand that the children’s ministry is a part of the church and working toward the same end goal.
  4. The Ministry Vision- This is your chance to show your passion for WHY children’s ministry is so important.  People want to belong to something that matters so let them know why this matters.
  5. Flow/funnel- Tell them what the process of belonging to the ministry is.  How many observations, when do they get their nametags, etc.
  6. A Tour- show them around.  Point out important things they might need to know where to locate.
  7. Policies and procedures-  They won’t remember everything you say, but giving them an idea of where to start is always good.  Then through constant communication, you can remind them of these things.
  8. Paperwork- We do background checks and info pages.  Info pages let us know a little about our people so if we want to appreciate them we have info for that.  It also gives us an idea if they are in the right place or if we should be looking at other opportunities for them or even if they would be a candidate for further leadership training.
  9. Leadership-  Make sure your people know who they can talk to if they have questions or can’t remember something they learned today.  And you want to make sure that it’s more than just you.  It could be the other leaders in the room, a high-level volunteer, or other staff members.
  10. A way out-  The two biggest fears of a volunteer is not knowing enough and what if I hate it and can’t get out.  Training solves the knowledge fear.  But you want to also let them know if they hate it you’ll work with them to find their right fit.  Everything works better when you have passion people on the team.

You can check out our handbook here.  Hopefully, it gives you a good starting point if you don’t have one yet, or maybe some ideas of things to add if you do have one.

What are things you have in your training?

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