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First of all, a lot of these tips are gmail specific through the gmail site.  So if you route through outlook, or use a different platform, I’m not sure how much of this will be applicable.  There may be the option of routing your work email to a gmail if you like some of these options.

  1. Stars and Flags:  There are a lot of options with flagging and color coding your emails.  I color code everything in my inbox so I can easily see what I need to do for the day.  Some key categories you’ll want to come up with are information, urgent, waiting for a response, urgently waiting for a response, completed.  
  2. Auto Sort: If you get emails that always go to the same folder, you can set gmail up to automatically go there.  I send a lot of store emails to a promotion folder in case I need a coupon.  Blogs get sorted and recaps from mail chimp get sent to another folder.  Which makes it easier for me to clean my email.
  3. Promotion and social categories:  If you’re like me, you get lots of emails about things to buy for children’s ministry.  Promotions and social categories flag these things making it easy to clean up my email after a weekend.
  4. IFTTT:  I talk a lot about IFTTT and how much I love it, but it can make email great too.  You can set up information to go to email automatically, like blogs.  And you can automate emails to go to other programs, like calendars and to-do lists.
  5. Sidekick extension:  This lets you see who’s opening your emails.  So if you have something sensitive or send out a group email, you can see if it’s been open.
  6. Boomerang extension: This is an add-on you can get at the chrome store.  The option I use is timed email sends.  So if you know you need an email sent on a certain day as a reminder, you can schedule it ahead of time.  There are other options in this category, most of them are free for a certain level of scheduled emails a month and then you pay.
So how do you manage your email?

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