Last week, my friend Matt was looking for an Advent devotion for families and had a very difficult time locating anything. Rather than throw in the towel and make it up, he turned to some fellow children and family ministers and the bunch of us took on the challenge of creating an advent devotion in 7 days.

But we weren’t going to be satisfied with just turning out something simply – it had to be great. It had to kick off each week with a celebration. It needed a weekday devotion for parents with a read, response and remind portion. It needed to appeal to all types of learners. It had to work for families…and on Saturday we wanted to give parents break, yet inspire them on the journey. 7 days.

I haven’t heard from the entire team, but those who I have talked to all agree: We had a blast.

If you are looking for a great advent devotion, look no further – click and sign up for daily mailings of the devotion. If you’d rather have the full thing up front, you can grab the PDF here.

This Advent devotion spends time diving into the prophecies of Christ birth, takes a close look at the characters involved in the Christmas story, and explores the locations surrounding this miraculous day.

Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

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Comment by Angela Edwards on November 27, 2013 at 9:55am



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