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Kid Min’s love kids.  It’s a fact, we love all our kids that walk through our each for a different reason.  So we want to give them things, reward them, and connect with them.  But if we’re not careful, we’ll take opportunities for our small group leaders to succeed.  Here are ways my staff steps back and pushes small group leaders up:

  1.  We don’t provide snacks every week in elementary:  starting in Kindergarten, don’t provide a snack every week, just occasionally.  This is to provide openings for Small group leaders to bring something in and make their room special.
  2. We provide birthday gifts for the small group leaders to give: We supply the gift and send out a card, but the gift comes from the small group leader.
  3. SMG Rewards:  We do small rewards for things like brining your bible and memorizing your memory verse.  The small group leader is the one that passes that out.
  4. Lesson Framework: We give all our small group leaders the activities and supplies they need so that they can focus on building the relationships with the kids and not worry about lesson materials.
  5. Training:  Everyone that serve with us goes through a training that encompasses our mission, values, and procedures. But we continue training through weekly newsletters, videos, and 10 minute Sunday meetings.  We try to help our leaders know how to handle different situations.

So these are 5 ways we help support our small group leaders.  What do you to help them to grow as leaders?

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