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I love chrome!  If you want to hear why you should download and switch right now, check out my Chrome Tech Tuesday here.  If you already know how wonderful chrome is, here are the 5 chrome extensions you should add to make it even better.

  1. Home Page:  There are a lot of options out there to customize what happens when you open a new tab. I like this one because it has the important stuff right at hand.
  2. Pinterest Clipper:  This may be what I use the most.  If I see something I like, I pin it to my boards with a click of a button.
  3. Send from Gmail:  This add-on makes it super easy to send info to people in two ways.  If you’re reading something you think someone will like, click the button and it automatically opens a new Gmail message with the link in the message.  The other great thing is if you click an email on a web page, it opens a Gmail message for you compose and send easily, no more copy paste necessary.
  4. Pocket clipper:  All of us on staff at my church love to send articles to each other.  I would say in the course of a week I’ll get between 5-10 articles sent to me, which I don’t always have right that second to read.  Enter Pocket.  If you don’t already have an account I recommend it, and the clipper makes it easier to add an article.  It’s basically a save for latter program, but it also puts all the articles in a simple to read format, lets you label articles for easy search, star ones you love, and also recommends more articles based on interests.
  5. Buffer clipper:  If you’re the social media manager for your ministry, this clipper can be a big help.  While I use other methods for the bulk of the info we share socially, this clipper can help add in some extra information parents may be interested in.  We try to give a balance of practical and spiritual parenting on our media platforms, which can you read more about here.

So there are five of my favorite add-ons for chrome, what are yours?

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