Starting Monday, March 21st at 1pm Eastern CMConnect Radio will launch a Special Needs Kidmin Hour!

Michael Chanley recognizes the huge need for special needs education from within the family & children's ministry community. Michael has invited two other children's ministry/special needs experts and myself to launch the Special Needs Kidmin Hour on Mondays from 1pm to 2pm Eastern time through's Blog Talk Radio.  Our first show will be Monday, March 21st at 1pm. I'm thrilled to have two co-hosts who together bring tremendous knowledge in the area of children's ministry and special needs inclusion.  The three of us (plus Mr. Chanley himself) will rotate the responsibility for hosting the weekly show.  Here's the scoop on our Special Needs Kidmin Hosts:


Amy Fenton Lee is the writer behind The Inclusive Church Blog.  Amy’s passion is in equipping faith communities to successfully include families and children with special needs.  Her writing on special needs inclusion and other family ministry-related topics have been featured in numerous secular and Christian publications.  Amy is a frequent workshop speaker at kidmin conferences.  For more on Amy, see  


Kristy Moser is the Director of Early Childhood with Crosstown Children’s Ministry at Montgomery Community Church in Cincinnati, OH.  Kristy is also responsible for overseeing Montgomery Community Church's special needs inclusion ministry.  Currently MCC has 25 children participating in their children's ministry programming who have identified special needs or learning differences.


Katie Garvert is the Access Ministries Coordinator for Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, CO.  Woodmen Valley Chapel currently serves 70 individuals affected by special needs, many with autism spectrum disorder.  Katie has helped Woodmen Valley Chapel establish special needs inclusion programming and parent support events for this multi site church.    She is also responsible for overseeing the church’s deaf ministry.  Prior to joining the Woodmen Valley team four years ago, Katie was a special education teacher in the public schools system.


Our host team is aiming to cover show topics:

  • Starting a Special Needs Inclusion Ministry
  • Space Planning with Special Needs in Mind
  • Mentoring Volunteers & Parents; Starting Parent Support Groups
  • Special Needs Curriculum
  • Recruiting and Developing Parents as Ministry Partners
  • Recruiting Special Needs Volunteers
  • VBS & Special Needs
  • Advancing the Spiritual Growth of the Child with Hidden Disabilities
  • Teaching Techniques for the Child with Special Needs
  • Launching a Respite Ministry
  • Pre-teens and Teens with Hidden Disability
  • Autism and Risk Management
  • Behavior Management Strategies
  • Teaching Volunteers Disability Etiquette
  • Using Teens Helpers in Special Needs Ministry

Tune in every Monday, beginning March 21st at 1pm Eastern Time!

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