It can be easy to get so involved with all we have to do with Children's Ministry . . . recruiting, training, teaching, etc . . . we find ourselves focusing on those things and don't ever take a moment to dream.

Certainly we want to be sure we are taking care of the things we need to do, but we also need to make time to think about what we might like to see happen in our ministries as well. If money, time, space and staffing were not an issue, what would you like to be able to do in and with your Children's Ministry?

I asked this question in the forum on CM Connect a couple years ago and Kim Neese told me she would like to be able to add live worship music, more extravagant crafts and new puppets to her ministry. Susan Hughes said since her Children's Ministry was on the second floor, she would love to be able to add a slide for the children to use when they leave and maybe a climbing wall for them to use to get to their classes! Keith Tusing said if money were no object and staffing was not an issue, he would love to own a mobile outreach vehicle . . . the type of large truck which opens up on the side to create a stage with built in AV equipment so he could share the Gospel on the street, in parks, downtown, shopping mall parking lots, etc.

Ah . . . it can be fun to dream a little, but, when it comes to our Children's Ministry, the things on our “wish list” just might not be possible in light of the realities of our budgets. While a nice new play ground, puppets or a truck with built-in AV equipment would be wonderful additions to our ministries, utility bills have to be paid and you know you may not have as much of a budget this year as you did last year . . . and your budget was cut last year.

We might like new things for our ministries, but when our budgets are cut we have to deal with the reality how of what we like may not match up with what we can actually do. So, is it possible to generate enthusiasm and provide the resources you'd like for your Children's Ministry . . . even if you are operating on a limited budget? Absolutely! Walk with me through your Children's Ministry and let’s take a look at some “possibilities”!

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