Life! The gift God gives us through Jesus' death and resurrection. No longer do we have to try to pay for our sins by keeping a list of rules none of us is truly able to keep. No longer do we have to try to find ways to earn our salvation. God offers it as a gift! His grace changes everything!

This is the essence of the message we as Children's Ministry leaders want the parents and grandparents in our ministries to pass on to the children they love. We know if they accomplish much in their lives, but do not let them know about God's grace which is available because of Jesus' death and resurrection, they will have missed the most important thing of all.

This week as you continue to think about, and thank God for Jesus' resurrection and the life it brings us, encourage the parents and grandparents in your ministry to make time to talk with the children they love - no matter their age - about how God's grace brought them real life!

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