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Everywhere I look I can see one of my favorite flowers blooming . . . this flower is bright, sunny and a lovely shade of yellow . . . and it is known as the Dandelion!

I know. Your reaction is likely similar to my eight-year-old grandson Josiah's reaction. He told me Dandelions are weeds, not flowers, but I told him I still loved them anyway! Within minutes of hearing this conversation, my five-year old grandson Caleb brought me a handful of these yellow flower-weeds!

I am certain I'll be receiving many, many more handfuls of Dandelions throughout the summer!

So, why do I love Dandelions? . . .

I love them because I love the twinkle in Caleb's eyes and the smile which stretches from ear-to-ear when he brings me a handful of them!

I also love them because they remind me of prayers. How do they remind me of prayers, you ask??? Because God treasures our prayers. When I bring Him myself by praying, He sees my prayers with the same love with which I see the Dandelions in Caleb's hands. Our prayers delight God and He wants to receive our prayers! They may seem tiny and insignificant to others - just "weeds", but to God they are "flowers"!

I want my grandsons to understand their prayers are not "weeds" to God . . . they are beautiful, sunny "flowers" and He is delighted to receive them!

I shared this post with you to encourage you to remind the grandparents and parents in your ministry to keep their eyes open for things - like dandelion flower/weeds - and how the will help them remind the children they love of how God treasures them!

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