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I posted back in June about how we were developing an acronym to help our kids grow their own faith.  We’ve been integrating it into everything we do over the past couple months and are working on a month series centered around it in November that we’re super excited about.  I thought now that we’ve ironed out a couple things that I would share more.

The mindset behind this is giving kids the tools to grow their own faith.  While orange is a great concept, and one we implement in our own ministry, at some point a kid has to own their faith and know how to grow it as well.  That where this plan comes into play.  In my current ministry we label it a compass.  It’s to help us stay on God’s path and know where we need to go next.  In other ministries I’ve called it a thermometer to know if your relationship with God is hot or cold.  It could be a map or maybe a mirror, just make sure it never becomes a checklist.  The thing we stress over and over to our kids when we go through the acronym is not if you’ve done it, but how well you’re doing.  “If” is religion, “How” is relationship, and we want our kids to have a relationship with God.

Now for the pieces.  This is the outline we’ll be working off of in our November series.

Week 1: Konnect

Main Point:  I will connect with God and others

Bible Story: Jesus 12 at temple

Memory Verse: Luke 10:27


Week 2: I2 (invest and invite)

Main Point: I will invest and invite people to know God.

Bible Story: Jesus calls disciples

Memory Verse: John 8:12


Week 3: DQT (daily quiet time)

Main Point: I will spend time with God through Prayer and scripture

Bible Story: Jesus prays in garden and reads in temple

Memory Verse: Hebrews 6:19


Week 4: Serve

I will serve others inside and outside the church

Bible Story: Jesus heals paralyzed man (4 friends) and Centurion’s Servant

Memory Verse: Colossians 3:23


What tools do you give your kids to grow their relationship with God?

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