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Our Home is like a Little Church

Our Home is like a Little Church by Lindsey Blair and Bobby Gilles

Illustrated by Tessa Janes

Ages: 3 years – 2nd grade


Amazon Summary:

Our Home is like a Little church was written to teach preschool children the Christian doctrine of the home as a place of worship where the father teaches his family God’s commands and leads them to worship the one true God.The home is the front line of ministry to children-not the Sunday school or public church gathering. All the practices present in a Christian worship service the Scriptures, prayer, and praise should be present in the home as well. Our Home is Like a Little Church teaches this truth by repeatedly putting church and home side by side on adjacent pages.God expects parents to teach their children when they sit down for meals, when they drive along the road, when they lie down for bed, and when they get up in the morning. These “pastoral” duties can be daunting so this book also serves as a reminder that these duties are done in light of God’s grace shown to us through Jesus’ work on the cross.Parents and children together can read this engaging little book in order to discover what God’s plans are for worshipping Him inside their home.


This is a cute book that shows everything we do at church should happen at home.  It talks about reading your bible, singing songs, prayer, and a gospel moment all with a rhyming scheme.

Something to be aware of is there are lines that refer to mommy and daddy. While I love to reinforce God’s perfect plan for a family, the reality is many kids don’t have fathers and/or mothers in their home, so this might isolate them from the main point of the book.  I think I would have preferred an “I can” mentality over “my family” to make it a book that could be used in all family situations.  For that reason, I would recommend it to families but probably won’t use it at church.

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Christmas.  It’s a great book to introduce kids to the fact worship can happen anywhere, not just at church, and not just singing songs.


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