Minute to Win It Games for Children's Ministry

This week, there were some great summer themed games on NBC’s Minute to Win It. I like the new team approach. Here are some games that would be great for Children’s Ministry.

Hoop De Loop:

Roll Hula Hoops towards soda bottles in an attempt to loop three of them. This would be a great game if you’ve got LOTS of hula hoops laying around. Otherwise, those buggers are expensive. You could also go with the tradition ring toss on this one and use diving rings, which come in packs and are cheaper.

High as a Kite:

Contestant wears a hat with a kite attached. They have to run in a circle in order to keep kite up in the air. Excuse me while I laugh my head off. Talk about a torturous task! I’m sure a minute never seemed so long to the sorority sister on this week’s show! Good one as far as simplicity is concerned, but I can see kids refusing to do it or getting tired after say… 12 seconds. Your call!

Spare Me:

(Team Game) Contestants drop marbles into the top of a pool noodle and then try to aim the other end in order to knock down 5 pieces of chalk placed across the playing arena. Simple enough to set up and play, but if your church is anything like mine, the elderly will be cruising through the kids play area about 10 minutes after Kid’s Club is over and I just don’t want to take any chances with all those marbles rolling around. However, if your old people are especially spritely or agile, you might want to try it out!


Catch a ping pong ball in the top cup of a 6-cup stack, after bouncing it off the ground. Take bottom cup from the stack and place it on top of stack (it will be sitting on the ping pong ball). Repeat until all the cups are filled with balls. (Level One game). Simple. Pretty easy. Perfect for kids!

Not all the games are on the NBC website yet, but I’ll try to add links on my blog as they become available. I think that’s all for now! Enjoy. Let me know which games are your favorite!

To see more Minute to Win It Games, check out www.GrowingKidsMinistry.com

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