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So I thought I do a series of What We Do Wednesdays that focus on our service structures.  So Let’s start with the youngest kids.  Nursery in our ministry is birth through 2 years.  We do have a policy that kids have to be fully potty trained to move into preschool, so occasionally we have young threes in the ministry.  


In this space, we stress words.  Just like parents say mama and dada over and over, we want to accustom our little ones with spiritual words.  So our curriculum (Gospel Project) have 3 simple statements to say to the kids.  And we also provide a special toy to help prompt spiritual engagement with this age group. No Structured time frame.


In the one’s room, we have an activity and snack and a song.  Our goal in each age group is to prepare them for the next stage with the end goal of fully engaged adults.  So our activity here may be putting socks in different buckets, walking a line, or using stamps.  The worship song we sing is something simple like this little light of mine with flashlights or something like that.  It’s about 10 minutes of structure.


With these kids, we have two activities a story time snack, craft and two songs on a video with motions.  The activities could be playdough, walk a line, group pictures, or sensory boxes. For story time the kids get out their sit spots and get a Bible to hold and look at while the teacher tells the story time.  Sometimes there are interactive pieces to the story, sometimes it’s reading from a storybook bible.  Usually the teacher always “reads” the story from a Bible so the kids can start connecting the stories they are hearing come from the Bible. Crafts have been coloring, paint daubers, and sticker scenes.  The songs are still simple, like this little light of mine, but we try to get them engaged with motions. About 30 minutes of structured time.

What do you do in your Nursery space to beginning the spiritual foundation in kids?

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