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It looks like this coming Summer of 2017 is going to be a very busy one for my nieces . . . I'm very happy today to share with you some information about another niece, Leah, and the mission trip she is taking this Summer.

When my children were teens, it was very important to my husband and I for them to serve on short-term mission trips. Our daughter went to serve with Native Americans in South Dakota, to Mexico, Costa Rica and the Bahamas. Our son went to serve with Native Americans in South Dakota, to Nepal, Thailand, England, France, Spain, Italy and the Island of Rhodes. Whether they go on to serve full-time in missions or not, giving young adults the opportunity to serve others, especially in a cross-cultural setting - is extremely valuable. It is my prayer my grandsons will go on mission trips when they are older.

My niece Leah is going on a mission trip this summer, and I will let her tell you all about it . . . 

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