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  1. Wonderboard Make a face: This wasn’t what I thought it would be.  We love doing emotion based stuff with our pk kids, so we were looking for some more magnetic face options.  The body parts were good, but the faces were pieces of paper that you lay on top of a magnetic board to give the face outline.  I’m pretty sure in one weekend our face outlines will have to be thrown out.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I might be able to use dry erase to write straight on the board.  But for the price- which has gone up since I bought it- I shouldn’t have to do anything.
  2. Plastic Geoboards:  We made some of these the last time we had a geo activity from foam and push pins, but they don’t hold up very well.  So when I found these, and knew we would use them again, I thought it was worth it.  Our pk kids will be making shapes from pictures and older kids will have more difficult options.
  3. Wooden Geoboards: Our Kindergarten first grade kids will be using these.  They are a little bigger than the plastic ones, but we’re working on a lesson about connecting with others and want multiple kids sharing one board, so I think these will be great and the quality was what I hoped it would be.
  4. Magnetic dollhouse tin:  Because of space we knew we couldn’t have a doll house for every room in our new building since we don’t use them every week, so we went magnetic.  I’m super happy with this on.  It has a nice tin that holds everything.  To scenes on the tin and two laminated scenes, we can place on a cookie sheet.  I might eventually see I could find a way to put a thin metal backing on the pics.  Love the price too.
  5. Magnetic Stand up dollhouse: This is the other dollhouse that I bought.  It’s a larger board and is intended to stand up, but I don’t know how easy it will be to play with that way.  We’ll probably just lay it on the table for the kids to play with.  I would be worried about warping the board by storing pieces inside and losing pieces by storing them on the outside.  That’s why I’m glad the pieces fit in the tin of the other set I bought.  That’s easy to get around though by getting a baggie or your own tin.
  6. Jump ropes:  We’re doing an object lesson about how you need others and bought these double dutch ropes to have someone try to jump rope by themselves.  They are also going to help us with some lessons on our icons about connecting with God and others.
  7. Elf Ear hats:  Our series in December is called Put a Bow on It.  So we’re going to have elves running around putting bows on kids during check-in and out time.  These hats were perfect.
  8. Spot It:  This is a great game that’s quick to teach and gets a lot of kids involved.  I got the Spot it Jr. Finding Dori, Road Trip, and Winter Wonderland.


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So what have you been shopping for? 

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