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Spotify is a song streaming system that’s been around for a while now.  You have three options to interact with Spotify, you can download the program on your computer, stream on a web browser, or use the app.  I like using all of them.  I use the web player on my work computer but have the program on the computers we use in our worship rooms and listen from my phone on the go.  They have a free option that is commercial supported and limits your options on the app.  Paid is 9.99+ tax per month (they don’t have a tax-exempt program at the moment.) Here are the reasons Spotify is great:

  1. Easy to update music: With Spotify, you’ll always have a fresh list of new music.  I’ve really been loving the discovery list.  It updates every week with new music based on what you have previously saved.
  2. Share music lists with families:  This has been the easiest way for me to share worship music with families.  Not all of our stuff is on Spotify, but most of it is.  So whenever a parent asks about the worship song their child has been singing the last 3 days, I can send them to Spotify and they have it all.
  3. Links to purchase:  I always have parents asking where they can buy our worship songs.  Spotify links to google play and iTunes, making it easy for parents to buy from your lists.
  4. Syncs with IFTTT:  I Love IFTTT.  You can read about it here.  But with Spotify, I can add a song to my lists and it automatically shares it on social media.
  5. Paid version can download music: If you pay, you can download playlists onto your computer or mobile device.  This means if the internet starts acting up, you music plays like nothings wrong.

How do you like to play music in your area?

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