I don’t think most people understand or comprehend the enormity of what God has called us to.

It’s big! I mean God-Sized Big… And that’s what God chooses to do: He calls people to accomplish His Will on this earth.

When you read the numbers below, it’s kind of mind-blowing. And yet, we can also see God’s plan to change the world through global children’s ministry.

On a recent trip, I had the privilege of ministering to over 5,000 Children in school assemblies (where we shared the gospel and gave a salvation invitation), Kids Crusade and Children’s Church Services. We saw at least 3,000 Children come to Christ.

We also trained about 100 Children’s Ministry Leaders from all over that particular country…. who in turn will each minister to around 100 Children each year That’s another 10,000 Children.

Here’s the breadth, width, depth and height of this calling:

If we can get to 10 Countries a year, that’s a potential of ministering to over 50,000 Children; seeing 30,000 Salvations; and training over 1,000 Children’s Ministry Leaders – Who will each minister to at least 100 Children each year… That’s another 100,000 Children!

With us doubling KidLink’s efforts, that means, each year  we have the potential of ministering to over 100,000 kids; seeing 60,000 Salvations; and training over 2,000 Children’s Ministry Leaders - Who will each minister to at least 100 Children each year… That’s another 200,000 Children!

Now, if just half of those 200,000 Children under the ministry of those 2,000 Children’s Ministry Leaders receive Christ. Here is the real Ministry and Salvation potential: Ministry to 300,000 Children and 160,000 Salvations each year!

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This thing is so much bigger than us – We can’t wait to get to it!

— Jamie

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