Introducing KidCheck's New Mobile App for Check-In

Recently, I was able to learn more about one of our ongoing community sponsors, KidCheck. They have a great new resource to make children's ministry check-in convenient and simple using mobile technology. This featured-blog is the result of the conversation which arose from their sponsorship of our upcoming CMConnect Global trip to Australia... so, huge shout out and thank you to our friends at KidCheck!

The following blog is three questions they answered about their new mobile resource. I hope you will give them consideration when selecting a check-in platform for your ministry.

Q1: What are the benefits of using a mobile app for children’s check-in?

For secure children’s check-in there’s no denying the rise in the demand for mobility coupled with the importance of child security. Many churches are looking for a solution that’s easy to implement, offers strong security features, and gives additional flexibility.

At KidCheck we recently introduced our children’s check-in mobile app which addresses these needs. Our mobile check-in solution combines the ease-of-use and security features available in our children’s check-in system, now with the added flexibility and mobility tablet devices provide.

The benefits of mobile are huge: added flexibility, shorter check-in lines, the additional convenience and efficiency of having volunteers armed with a tablet device completing check-in, and a more personal touch with visitors and families. With mobile you can save time, further streamline the check-in process, and create a positive first impression for parents and visitors, all helping to create a strong desire for families to return.

Q2: How does check-in actually work?

With KidCheck’s mobile app, churches can use an iPad or tablet device for Android to quickly and easily check in families. Mobile check-in is as simple as designating the appropriate label printer location, inputting the family’s ten-digit phone number (or using a scannable key tag), choosing the children to check-in, and then directing or walking the family to where their printed child labels and guardian receipts are waiting.

KidCheck’s mobile check-in app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store. The mobile check-in solution works across a variety of infrastructures. It just needs a check-in license on the tablet device(s) and a Mac or Windows based computer to utilize for printing to a label printer(s).

Q3: What are some scenarios for using a mobile check-in app in kidmin?

There are many scenarios where using mobile for children’s check-in can help.

  • Have volunteers at the entrance or walking around the church with a tablet device checking families in. Increased mobility and flexibility for check-in translates into shorter check-in lines, a faster process, and increased efficiency coupled with a personal touch.
  • Quickly and easily check-in visitors. Personally greet them at the door, set up their free KidCheck account, add any allergies or notes, and check them into the appropriate class – all from the tablet device. Direct or bring them to where their labels are printed and waiting. It provides a great first impression and lets visitors know they, and their children’s safety, are a priority.
  • Use an iPad or Android tablet, either manned or unmanned, as the children’s check-in station to save space and money rather than a personal computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Perfect for youth group and checking-in older kids. KidCheck’s Youth Self Check-In feature utilizes laminated badges, and doesn’t require a printer, making check-in on a tablet a breeze. Greet the kids when they come in, scan the badge, and check them in. Not only is it fast and easy - with your tablet you look pretty cool too.
  • Use with a bus ministry.  Meet the kids at the bus; check them in right there on a 4G/LTE tablet. Then someone at the church, utilizing KidCheck, can print the name badges so they are waiting when the kids arrive.
  • Consider placing an iPad or Android tablet in each individual classroom. If your infrastructure and facility set up are conducive, a tablet may be an easier and cheaper option to allow the classrooms to complete check-in and check-out. An added benefit at checkout is the ability to scan the child’s name badge on the tablet to ensure only an authorized guardian is picking up.

Visit KidCheck for more information on their children’s check-in mo...

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Comment by Elissa Reid - KidCheck on August 6, 2014 at 10:37am

Thanks for sharing KidCheck's new children's check-in mobile app.  We're really excited about how it can help churches with their check-in process.  KidCheck appreciates the opportunity to be part of CMConnect!  


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